Saturday, February 11, 2012

'Tis the season to be jolly

I am a Christmas baby...I was born on December 29th. My mom made a huge deal of the holidays. She was a single parent of two so almost everything was handmade....the ornaments, the gingerbread men, the decor and the cards. I was blessed to have my own Martha Stewart. While I don't sew and making things by hand is very difficult for me ( I have the worst ADD- so creating small detailed items make me loose interest) I have learned to have a huge appreciation of all the small details. It is the big picture that drives me and pushes me forward.

By trade I am a merchandiser, I need to see the big picture and I need to see change and progress by the end of each day. So when the holidays approach I get very antsy....I know change, big change is on its way. Each of my stores or showrooms have very different looks and concepts. Concepts that we have put together for months, shopped for and by the time its being delivered to the stores I can hardly contain myself. Its the same feeling I used to get when my mom used to start taking out the boxes of handmade ornaments and decor.
This year we added Forge in Lancaster California. I was brought on to help guide the store in buying, merchandising and the set up fall through Christmas. For Christmas we went with candy and ice cream themes. The holiday bake shop was the most fun to create and buy for. Bake kits for cookies and cute serving dishes to put them on. Everything was bright, fun and merchandised as the one stop shop the hostess gift you needed.
The other was a woodland feel with white feathered owls and tartan ribbons.....chocolates and specialty cocos were placed here...again, easy hostess and teacher favorite detail was the choice to use the champagne flutes in the Christmas trees by tying them on with the tartan ribbon......more out of necessity due to how many we had but ended up being the best part of the display.
Set up for a store this size is a solid week of long long days, but you know what, I live for it...the hours, the excitement to see it finished and to hear the customers feedback and wonder of it all....Its all worth it, and I have my mom to thank for my love and drive of it all things Christmas.

Ice Cream & Cupcake ornaments

Mens window-notice the reclaimed wire spool from a local construction site-great visual piece that went well with the mens vibe!

Bake-shop- aprons, mixing bowls and lots of sweet baking mixes! Cross merchandising to increase sales!

My favorite table top..white feather owls, specialty chocolates with champagne glasses ties to Christmas trees with tartan plaid ribbons.

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