Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas set ups are always my favourite- you get to design without limits or rules of what is considered right or wrong just make it gorgeous....that's the whole goal!
Nely Galans house is a modern mix of Frank Loyd Wright and the colors of Cuba. Nely has stuck close to her roots in both the interior and exterior holiday decor...
All the furniture in Nelys is white with pops of hot colors like orange, pink and lime green...making it a great backdrop for her latin themes Christmas tree...
Tiny pinatas, large glass balls, tin angels made out of mexican soda cans are just some of the treasures that fill this 10 ft tree..
The garland outside is a great mix of budget and lux. Big Lots is the industry secret for large plastic ornaments that are perfect for exterior decor...
The lux part are the handmade mexican paper flowers in the same brights the house is painted in. Together the mix is amazing, bright and un expected...

May your holidays be amazing, bright and un expected!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

With spring on the horizion Peking has put a new spin on the typical seaside pillow group...modern patterns on a very tradtional medium...hook tie in display and make the display cabinet look less "fixture like" we handpainted wide red stripes on a piece of home depot canvas ....again, easy and effective!

For Trina Turks yarn pillow group we decided to tie in the obvious...oversized yarn balls...keeping it simple and effective.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday is all about massing out your gift we tied in throws, frames and gift over $100.00..."malibu lux" at its bestAnother holiday gift group statement...notice the large clam shell being used for binning....think outside the box or rather "shell"..
Good example of alike items together and coloring groups out...makes for a much tighter statement

Andrianna's holiday tree is a piece of ghost wood and tons of crystals and your everyday inexpensive silver orniments effective and so easy to do...

Andrianna Shamaris in Malibu bucks the "pedestrian" holiday decor going with oversize and mini disco balls for reflection and light...also a nice transition into new years

DL Rhein's new home collection for peking handicraft is a technicolor moccan dream...multi colored and heavy embroidry work make them so unique..I'm thinking of a whole canopy'd bed with bright lanterns all round and vases of full lush pink roses....will be posting pictures of finished display soon.
Close up:

Sneek peek at Trina Turks newest home collection for peking handicraft... 60's vibe with a touch of macrame feel to it with the loose yarn detail...

Love it!