Monday, May 17, 2010

Feeling blessed!

I have been busy multi tasking two different parts of my company...the design and merchandising part and the interior design part. One has always been busy when the other was slow-until now...
The great part is the economy is getting can tell when you have been working with people sending emails back and forth, touching base and just letting them know you are ready when they are ready. Then, BAM!....all of a sudden everyone is ready to go at once and now at the same time as our show set ups...
This is going to be interesting...both how I handle my stress level and the lack of hours I will need in a day in order to get this all done...but somehow it always works out...
However...I will say this...I am so very very lucky to be this busy. There are so many of us out there whom are talented and without work...I have never had to go out and look for clients in either arena...we have been blessed to have all of our work come to us by word of mouth.
I had this thought after leaving a new clients house at 7:30 at long as I am being considered for jobs and hired for jobs, I simply cannot complain....I have some of the most amazing clients whom all have become friends and family to me...they have taken me in and included me in their lives and for this I am so very very blessed.....its so worth it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Always an inspiration is Big Daddy's antique and found object warehouse...they have both an amazing eye and an even more amazing merchandising style- keeping alike items in a collection they have the space to do it right. This is a wall of vintage bird cadges in all shapes and sizes.

Larger than life found objects...fantastic use of space if you have it!

I think what makes Shanes presentation so amazing is the multiple vignettes- each has a different feel but they all flow- The addition of huge trees, greens and live birds in huge vintage bird cadges just adds to the presentation and overall atmosphere!

Big Daddy's outdoor stone collection filled with succulents

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Feather or Rather Paper your Nest

I have been sourcing wallpaper lately and have been so inspired with all of the different patterns, color and makes me want to re-do every room in my tiny apartment. I think what I love the most is that it takes either a small or large space and transforms it instantly to a chic space- weather it be modern geometrics, re-issued prints from the 70's or the huge marimekko florals that my mom did my childhood room in, they each give a space a face lift....
Walnut on Beverly is an amazing source with a staff that is helpful and has tons of knowledge to help you navigate through tons of sample books, styles and trends....
Walnut wallpaper
7424 Beverly Blvd
LA, CA 90036