Tuesday, November 8, 2011

All Things Pretty ♥

Wilshire Beauty is one of our clients in the mid Wilshire area of Los Angeles. They have been known to be the first version of Sephora- a literal warehouse of all things, makeup, facial products and everything in between the only thing is they have not up dated, up graded or re invented in the last 10 years or so. Much of the old way from days long gone by were still in place. Many of the areas had nothing in them or worse had grown way out of the space that it was in- Why you ask? Fear of change, fear of what if it does not fit once moved there it stayed till we came along! My whole theory is you cant move forward if you are stuck in the past-change is a good thing..mistakes are the only way you are going to start seeing things differently- even if wrong you see it differently than the way its been for the last however long its been like that....
Thus is with Wilshire Beauty's cosmetic department. A mecca of beauty products in 15 different places and all free floating in the middle of two different departments..not pretty and not cohesive in anyway shape or form...We moved it forward- up to the entry, up where there was natural light and up to where there were actual walls we could do something with.We designed new cabinets- black with mirrored tops, re skinned the old counters with new black Formica so they would be cohesive with the new cabinets and re painted walls a charcoal grey to compliment the amazing Designers Guild wallpaper from Osborne and Little. With the new space we are able to make it all look cohesive, special and most of all pretty...

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