Tuesday, August 11, 2009

lights, camera and design action

Good morning! Today is the shoot for the i-shop design segment called style story...while a small segment, this is one of my favorite things I get to do working with the LA Mart...
I have 2 jobs here, one is heading up the visuals for the gift end of the building and the other is the design service rep for the design showrooms. I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people and this opportunity has given me a leg up on seeing the world of design before it hits the masses...
Today's segment is on "sustainable style"..the mix of old and new with organic materials mixed in..
green design is getting so much better each year...more forward, more hip and more obtainable for the masses. West Elm does a fantastic job of "hip green" ..
We will be posting out takes of the shoot and some of the stills..when it is up and running we will post a link so you all can see what sustainable style is through my eyes...

Monday, August 10, 2009

A new chapter in Birds Eye View

When I had someone suggest that I do a blog for both our clients and for the general public I kept thinking who is going to read this and how do I do it...
Thanks to Micheal Garret here we are...thank god for the younger generation-the thought process that usage of the internet will forward your business. It's not something we old school-ers are used to...nor do we or me accept it with open arms...

My business is retail and wholesale consulting. My whole job is to push the envelope, push what the general public sees in windows and in store layouts as well as what the retailers see when they come to purchase for their stores for the coming seasons.
I have 2 mantras..
1-"change is good-change is good-change is good"
2-everything happens for a reason

In order to push yourself or your company you have to can't stay safe or have to push the envelope-not everyone will get it but it will make
those think about it..
Simon Doon the brilliant man who does the windows at Barney's NY has pushed the envelope
for years-he never stays safe and is constantly pushing the world of visuals forward-my favorite story he tells is of him doing a christmas window...Simon is not traditional- you will not find the normal holiday windows. One year they decided to do the typical nativity scene but in a total non-traditional way..Simon in his brilliance used hello kitty in lieu of baby jesus..while I find the humor in it the catholic church did not and put a full page ad in the NY Times...
The up side of all of this was the best free press and long long lines of people going to see the window display with hello kitty...that is pushing the envelope-that is not staying safe-that is what I love about this industry.

Everything happens for a may not see it at once but its always there...I lost all my stores after the earthquake- I was was all I was my ego, it was my was essentially what I thought was me-however, that me was a snotty 27 year old that yes pushed the envelope but not in the right direction..thank god that earthquake happened. I can't picture what I would be like now..or where I would be now...
I had to re-learn retail, re-learn what worked and what did not- how to drive traffic to a store, how to drive your buisness thru visuals and simple floor planning. I had to re-learn what customer service was and how to utilize it. I started my company 6 years ago and never looked back-I have never had to go out and look for work- all my buisness has been through word of mouth. I am very lucky and I know it..there are a lot of us out there and a lot of us all jocking for the same jobs..

This blog is for my retailers and the general pubilc- it will later be turned into a subscriber service for my clients who want the upper hand in retail solutions.
I will post windows I see, inspiration and ideas. I will list items and places I love etc...

The subscriber portion will have trend forcasting, show overviews (for those whom only make it to the reginal shows) and detailed display how-tos.
Hope you enjoy it and hope it brings inspiration to you!