Tuesday, July 26, 2011

cat got your tongue?

I know, I know....its been waaay too long.....
In my business and life it seems its either feast or this moment, its feast!
Summer means sun and fun to most but in my industry it means gift show set ups! The
national shows are all in the summer months, peppered throughout the country, gift stores,
catalogs, home stores, decorators etc all shop the shows for the 4th quarter buys. I set up
showrooms like Peking Handicraft, Gus Dallas and this year a new addition, Roost! It is also
first show in the last few years that I am not involved in the California Gift Show set up....
It was a little bittersweet but all and all, it felt pretty good not to be so burned out by the time
I turn into a buyer (my other job)...
I added a new client to my retailers... Forge. A combination gift, home and apparel lifestyle store
in Lancaster...
I know what you are thinking....Lancaster...yep, Lancaster. The city and investors are re-developing downtown. I have to admit, as jaded as I am about retail not being so interesting
these days, not being fun and not adding anything new, this is new! A mix of old and new they have added restaurants, a moca museum, a bowling alley/club and now the latest addition- a movie theater/retail space.
The brilliance of moving traffic thru the retail space to purchase tickets, food and ultimately the theater has not really been done yet...Sure, Cracker Barrel moves you through retail space in order to get to the restaurant but really, who is in the market for singing frogs and bedazzled tee shirts these days?
Its Urban architectural adds so much to the much so you really do forget you are not in Lancaster anymore.
I am excited to be on board with this project-I will be involved with everything from the buying, merchandising and display- its really a dream project!
I will post pics soon as well as pics of the latest show set ups for Peking Handicraft!